2003 Letters & Articles

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01/06/03 Letter from Teresa Harris -Las Vegas Review-Journal

01/09/03 Letter from James J. Poupard praising Teresa Harris' January 6th letter - Las Vegas Review-Journal

03/04/03 Letter from Mel Lipman - The Las Vegas Sun

03/07/03 Letter from Mel Lipman - The Las Vegas Sun

03/11/03 Letter from Bernard Mesco - The Las Vegas Sun

05/24/03 Letter from Mel Lipman - The New York Times

08/20/03 Letter from Teresa Harris - Las Vegas Review-Journal

12/22/03 Letter from Mel Lipman - The Washington Times

12/30/03 Letter from Mel Lipman - The Las Vegas Sun



01/19/03 "The Write Stuff" by Richard Lake - Las Vegas Review-Journal Article about Mel Lipman.

02/20/03 "Eagle Grounded - Atheist Boy Scout Challenges Officials Over Expulsion" by Lynette Curtis - The Las Vegas Mercury Article about Darrell Lambert

03/05/03 "Public prayer fanatics borrow page from enemy's script" by Roger Ebert - The Chicago Sun-Times


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